• April 11, 2019

    Stockholm February 2019

    This final Stockholm post is laughably late. Nothing like looking at a snowy wonderland when you are anticipating the arrival of spring flowers. Alas, we arrived in Stockholm to a beautiful scene. Our go to accommodation is . It's quiet, picturesque and has a nice restaurant. The rooms are comfortable and spacious as well. We enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle.


    One highlight during design week was Luca Nichetto's collaboration with Svenskt Tenn.  Heritage亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频 uses Josef Frank's Terrazzo motif as the inspiration for a collection of Murano glass lamps. Read more about it via .


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频At night they have this amazing glow and float in the darkness.



    We highly recommend a visit to the . We were there to conduct an interview for our next Mjölk book, and were treated to a surprise breakfast that included yogurt, an open face sandwich and tea/coffee. 



    &tradition at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Pictured is the Palette coffee table.


    &tradition news: Loafer dining chair and sofa, Mezcla table series, Copenhagen wall sconce.


    Another visit with Ingegerd Råman at her Stockholm studio. 


    A sad I Was Here亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频 photo outside of the newish shop in Södermalm. Unfortunately we didn't check the hours first and it was Wednesday.


    A quick stop to , to visit again with Frama but also to check out the .




    Looking forward to getting this ceramic version of the speaker for the shop.

    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频Limited edition handcrafted by Hortense Montarnal in Lyon. 


    Dry Studios collaborated on a wood version, and we have the original Transparent Speaker available in the shop.


    We have some of the long Dry Studios x Frama cutting boards in stock, as well as the apothecary soaps and a rivet round table and triangolo chair. Shop Frama.


    We headed over to Sibyllegatan to hit up Modernity and Jacksons, who was also having an exhibition. IWATEMO has emerged out of the collaboration between the manufacturing techniques of Iwate and Finnish design. The collection consists of three items created collaboratively by craftsmen in Iwate and the two Finnish designers, Ville Kokkonen and Harri Koskinen: Kettles from Nambu Tekki Ironware, Wooden Chairs, and Porcelain.


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频Of course this is right up our alley.


    And finally, finishing off the trip is a visit to for some langoustines and this super cute little sausage (possibly reindeer, definitely delicious). 

  • April 5, 2019

    Southern Sweden February 2019

    The next morning we headed to Malmö, checked into our peculiar hotel near the train station, and awaited Petra who generously offered to drive us to Ingegerd Råman's summer house.  You may remember our last visit, featured in Mjölk Volume 4.


    We arrived for a delicious lunch of fresh baked bread, cucumber and roe soup (3 servings good), cheese and dessert.


    Then we were off to the studio to discuss our upcoming exhibition, currently slated for October 24th, 2019. We brought home some samples, and are very much enjoying the white candleholder at our dining table.


    We lingered into the evening, chatting by the lit kakelugn as darkness settled across the countryside, then back to Malmö via local train. 


    Malmö restaurant was highly recommended. It was full and we hadn't been able to get a reservation but managed to luck out with a bar seat after only a few minutes of waiting. It was a fantastic meal. I generally don't take food pics BUT this salad was my everything. 


    No February visit to Sweden is complete without some Semla.


    Sunday was dedicated to interviewing Petra and Tanja of All the way to Paris for our upcoming Mjölk Volume V. After the interview and photos, we enjoyed our favourite kind of meal among friends.


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频We headed to the train station for our evening trip to Stockholm, where we quickly learned what inställt means. Due to all the snow in Stockholm, we were spending another night in Malmö. 


    The next morning it was business as usual, taking in the Swedish countryside on our way to Stockholm.

  • March 22, 2019

    Copenhagen February 2019

    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频Visiting Petra and Tanja of is almost becoming a ritual upon arrival in Copenhagen. With a very limited 12 hour stay in CPH, we needed to optimize our time and who better to spend it with than friends? ATWTP has been working on our packaging rebranding, which includes greeting cards, tissue paper, stickers and one day, hopefully, if we can ever get them printed, new shopping bags. We popped by their studio to have a quick chat about our state of affairs, then headed over to .


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频This restaurant is always a relaxed pleasure. The mixture of furniture, lamps, plants and objects makes the atmosphere endlessly cozy and relaxing. The food is quite fine too. 


    We've shared images previously on our blog but there is a new relevant addition to the space from &tradition: a loafer chair and 2 seater Mayor sofa, in a soft creamy white colour. Who said you couldn't be daring in white where food is served?


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频Next we visited the , which is housed in an old apothecary. The spaces are moody and the perfect backdrop for their sculptural work.



    We love when the history of the space is maintained, and it works well, of course, with their apothecary products


    After our tour of the studio,  and treated us to a really fun and delicious dinner at , which was absolutely packed with people, hence the single "we were here" photo.


    Copenhagen was a whirlwind as usual. Off to Malmö and Skåne for day two!

  • May 7, 2018

    Detour Cafe in Dundas, Ontario



    We recently had the pleasure of working on the Detour Cafe renovation. Located in Dundas, Ontario (next to Hamilton) is a classic little Ontario town, with a charming main street. About midway along the strip you'll find a stand alone Victorian house, with a cafe on the main floor and nice patio on the side. We had visited Detour with much enthusiasm in the past so when our client asked us to help them reimagine the space, we were more than happy to oblige.


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频 is now accompanied by heirloom breads, and they have started to serve open faced sandwiches which I cannot wait to try.





    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频Probably the most significant changes occured with the investment in new Oak flooring from  as well as using in Bone. What an incredible difference this subtle textured natural paint gives to plain old boring drywall. Mjölk is now a representative in Toronto and the surrounding area for.  


    We were able to reappropriate the banquettes they already had, but changed the proportions and painted them out with the really soft and pretty Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre. The Josef Hoffman chairs were a lucky find at in our Junction neighbourhood and have the very cool history of having been previously used at the Toronto Public Reference Library.


    Hanging above the tables are Mass Pendants in copper by Norm Architects.


    Top it all off with some greenery in terracotta pots, a brass Min watering can, and some antiques to add texture and warmth. On the tables we have pink Kin tea light holders, brass Fundament candleholders and .


    亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频On the other side of the cafe the first major thing we proposed was turning the squared off insert into one with an arch, and the effect is astounding. 


    We found the antique mirror at local Junction antique shop City Furniture, the last stop on our search and it was exactly what we were hoping to find. The long brass candle snuffer亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频 is by Stian Korntved Ruud.








    Dedicated Detour customers may recognize the repurposed counter with its new bright top. The Oak flooring was extended up the back wall. A pass through window allows for customers to see the bread oven for Dear Grain breads. The cream coloured swing doors have always been there but they've been freshened up with a bright coat of paint and the brass fixtures have been polised, making the doors look brand new.


    Above the counter are the w162 Dalston pendant lights by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin.




    A grain library sits in Weck jars in the window, and some product is available to purchase as well, including , and other artisan products.


    On the other side is a water station, with a , Low Vase by Jaime Hayon and a large sconce in brass by Malin Appelgren.




    At the coffee station, the milk and cream are served in elegant Georg Jensen jugs, AJ Otto bowls for lids and stir sticks have never been so classy as they are in the Oji Masanori brass tool holder.


    A small Ikebana vase亚洲制服丝祙在线播放/伊杳蕉情侣成综合/日逼视频/五月天丁香人在线视频 adds an easy burst of colour.



































    The exterior was great as it is, and the addition of some gold foil lettering adds a beautiful final touch.